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Welcome to the open world, mini-metroidvania of your dreams.

You wake in a circle of speaking stones, in a strange sunless land filled with ruins and monsters. You remember going to sleep, back in your world, on a hill near the cresting lights. Some called it a faerie hill, and warned of kidnapping and dancing and taken to the land of the good folk, the grey folk, the faeries.

But there are no fair folk here, it is empty and lonely and littered with hollow bones. You have only one thought: to return back home. But how? How. The experience is beautiful and immersive. Expect to get lost, and love finding the interesting places you discover.

This game has:

-Non-linear layout. Defeat any boss in any order you like. Find any item in any order you like. Solve puzzles using whatever tools you have on hand.
-No health bar. You fade away each time you get hit, until you completely disappear
-Only two items. One for each hand, each time you want a new one, you have to drop an old one. This leads to interesting strategy and puzzle solving
-You can pick up anything and use it as an item
-Speed run and game challenge tools. Press escape, turn on the speed run timer or the kill count timer. Try beating the game with 0 kills! It's hard, but not impossible. Or beat the game with only 5 kills. Or 100! 
-Multiple different ways to solve each puzzle in the game. This allows players to find their own way.
-Controller support (tested on 8bitdo controllers, Xbox, and PS3/4)
-A full Day/Night cycle
-A weather cycle including fog, rain, overcast
-About 2-4 hours of gameplay, but a speed run can be as quick as 30 minutes
-Four bosses. Three bosses hidden throughout the land and one final boss.

The Items you can find:
 Lantern. Hold down the button to create light in dark places

Bow. Fire arrows that can be stuck in walls. These arrows can be stood on
A quiver of arrows. Allows you to hold more arrows
A stray arrow to add to your quiver.
A hollow bone.  ???????
A hollow skull. ????????
A wand to summon vines. Hold down on the button to make vines grow.
Wear this ring to summon the rain
Wear this ring to summon the fog

 A potion. ?????? Drink and find out

A potion. ?????? Drink and find out

A potion. ?????? Drink and find out

A potion. ?????? Drink and find out

Magical wings. Fly and be free!

Haunted bones. Hold down on button to summon a ghost shield

The lost sword of the Hollow Prince. Rumored to be magical.

And a few items not listed here. If you see something, try to pick it up and find out!

keyboard Controls:

Switch Joycoon/8Bitdo controls:

PS3/PS4 Controls:

The game takes notes from original Legend of Zelda, the Castlevania franchise, Metroid, Ico, and Shadow of the Colossus.

This game is available on Windows, OSX, and Linux


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Beautiful art (visual and music). Playing it was a pleasant experience, though I didn't really get an idea of what I should be doing. Unfortunately the game crashed. I had used a stick to create a vine, but somehow while climbing it I jumped at the wrong area and managed to fall down through the ground and the game bluescreened. :( It happened in the Ossuary, I think.

Oh, I'm sorry that happened to you. I'm going to take a look at it right now. I think I have a good idea on what happened and how I can fix it.

And yes, I am working on an update that will hopefully give players better direction when playing the game, maybe some NPC's that will hint

Thanks for playing!

Ah, gotcha! That would be cool. 


hey man, im totally new to this itch.io platform, but I saw all of your game's screen shot, I love the aesthetics. im a composer and sound designer and I have made a composition for a game that looks a lot like this I thought you can use me if you want a composer in the same style, ill leave the link here a little composition i made for a indie game also you can find more of my works on my Instagram

the story/premise is interesting, the gameplay sounds fun and the art style is lovely and nostalgic. all in all, it's a promising game and i'm looking forward to it :)

Great! That means so much to me. 

Keep it up!

Thank you! I plan on it, this game is fun to work on.